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Our Beliefs

Women in Japan are far too patient and work far too hard.
In one of the most difficult countries for women to free themselves, within the developed nations, women in Japan work extremely hard both at home and at work, yet constantly bring themselves down. There should be more women who can unleash their potential, being economically and emotionally independent. We here at SHeStands promise to sincerely empower and support such women who find it difficult to unleash one's potential in Japan.
It is our greatest pleasure to see women fly high with a big smile and a confidence.
Let us help make your life shine even brighter.

CEO Keiko Sato
Our Beliefs

1-on-1 Consulting

Discover and align to your true self. You have already got a unique beautiful talent within in yourself. So discover them to live your best life filled with excitement and confidence.

Global Information

We provide you the latest information on women’s career development and well-being, to broaden your vision.


Connect with people who accept, uplift, and inspire you. Let's Inspire each other through sisterhood.

Social Good

Contribute to the society with SHeStands. All the activities here at SHeStands is aimed for social good so be part to help create a better society.


A survey on “Peopleʼs daily anxieties and concerns and its relevance to gender gap 2021”

In the “Global Gender Gap Report 2021” released by the World Economic Forum on March 30, 2021, Japan is ranked 120th, the lowest among the developed countries. 
Insight Tech Inc. and SHeStands collaborated to conduct a survey on “Peopleʼs daily anxieties and concerns and its relevance to gender gap” targeting men and women in Japan who are of parental age (ages 20-49), aiming to clarify the relation between societal gender gaps and to obtain hints for its elimination, by listening to their daily concerns and complaints within the home and the workplace.
A survey on “Peopleʼs daily anxieties and concerns and its relevance to gender gap 2021”

Facts about women in Japan




Keiko Sato

Keiko Sato

CEO & Founder
Certified Career Consultant
Certified Mindfulness Teacher
Sophia University BA- Humanities
Experienced beauty consultant at the largest domestic cosmetic company followed by Marketing Management at global sportswear company. Specialized in Brand Marketing for women’s line and Retail Marketing for the global flagship store opening, Keiko was awarded the Employee of the year in 2018 for contributing to the company. ‘Women empowerment’ had always been her “Ikigai”, however after returning from her maternity leave, experiencing the difficulty on developing the career, she realized that she had to change the environment for other women in Japan. Keiko flew to NYC, resonating to the vision and mission of Non-Profit Organization in NYC, which empowers women, and that determined her to take a serious step on progressing gender equality. Aiming to create a sustainable social giving system in Japan, she founded SHeStands, Inc.
Personal Mantra: Grow yourself into the best version of yourself.

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